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Practice Areas


In some instances, a case simply cannot be completed without the need of an appeal.  We are able to serve the needs of any client needing an appeal.  We have obtained reversals of erroneous trial court decisions, and also obtained Appellate Court rulings affirming trial judges on behalf of our clients.  In addition, we are capable of working with other attorneys who need assistance for their cases at the appellate level in both Illinois and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Commercial Litigation and Collections

At some point, most businesses will be involved in a dispute they simply cannot fix on their own.  Whether an account has decided not to remit payment or you are the target of frivolous litigation, we are able to provide legal services to address your concerns.    We have experience in contract litigation and defense, bankruptcy litigation on behalf of creditors, transportation litigation involving interstate shipments, and sales cases under the Uniform Commercial Code, among other areas.  Moreover, in particularly difficult circumstance, we can enforce judgments on behalf of clients when their debtors simply refuse to pay them.

Real Estate and Transactional

Real estate closings, both residential and commercial, can be complex.  We try to make the process simpler by communicating with title companies, sellers, and buyers so that all parties are focused towards closing the transaction.  In addition, we can review your contracts and work with you to draft language that better suits your goals.  In many instances, there may be significant improvements that can be made to your contracts that can streamline your transaction and better prepare you just in case something goes wrong.

Landlord, Tenant, and Homeowner’s Association Matters

We have defended landlords and tenants, both commercial and residential.  As anyone who has practiced in landlord/tenant issues can tell you, navigating an eviction suit can sometimes be as complex as any other type of litigation.  We aggressively work towards bringing eviction matters to a positive resolution so that our clients understand how to proceed with their properties going forward.  In addition, we have the experience to advise homeowner’s and condominium associations regarding the numerous problems they see every day, including amending declaration instruments and how to address unpaid assessments.

Ordinance and Building Code Violations

With regard to ordinance violations, we can oftentimes come to a reasonable accord on behalf of our clients, limiting the time and expense of litigation relating to their property.  We have the ability to work with the governing body as well as our clients to ensure that they obtain compliance with the necessary regulations and obtain dismissal of any pending litigation.

Personal Injury and Other Civil Litigation

It is certainly stressful to become the victim of another’s wrongdoing.   We have prosecuted and defended personal injury and other tort actions on behalf of our clients.  Whether fighting against an insurance company for insurance proceeds you deserve or defending against an unfounded claim, we can assist you with your concerns.  If you have been injured, we recommend contacting an attorney right away to discuss your options for obtaining compensation.