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Top Five Questions

Can Dore Law Offices help me with my questions?

We represent both businesses and individuals regarding their legal issues.  Being a general practice firm, we have prosecuted a wide variety of cases in differing areas of the law.  Our breadth of experience provides us the ability to analyze our clients’ legal issues.  In the event that we cannot address your legal issue, we will have referrals for you to contact.

How much will it cost for Dore Law Offices to address my concerns?

The time and expense in addressing your concern depends on its nature.  Closing a real estate transaction can take a month whereas complex commercial litigation may take more time.  We are aware that for all entities, businesses and people, expense is critical in determining a legal service provider.  We have several types of fee arrangements based on the types of cases.

Why should I choose Dore Law Offices over other legal service providers?

We are a small, but zealous firm that places the needs of its clients at the center of its legal advocacy.  We communicate to our clients directly, and attempt to respond to their questions and concerns.  We understand that people can be confused at the complexities of their legal issues; clearly explaining how we will address the issue and keeping clients informed of the progress in addressing the issue is how we stand apart.  We acknowledge the importance of the relationships with our clients – that is why they remain the focal point of our legal services.

How does Dore Law Offices compare with other legal service providers?

It is difficult to compare law firm to law firm, but what we want our clients to look at is the qualities we stress when we undertake legal representation: honesty, communication, and diligence in the pursuit of our clients’ goals.  If you agree that these are your goals in an attorney-client relationship, we feel that we would be strong advocates for you.

How do I start?

With a phone call or an email.  Do not wait to start addressing your issue.  An honest conversation about your concerns is an effective way to start.  We are confident that after a discussion, you will feel better about your situation, and hopefully we can prepare a roadmap to addressing your legal concerns.